All areas of Runescape now represent some component of medieval Europe

Personally I dislike the five households thing. For starters it seems too much like Prifddinas, and we should not be recycling Runescape 3 articles (that’s boring). I am also worried that if you happen to side with a single family. You cut the material in another four. I enjoy the first Port Roberts idea better. Port Roberts could be the main tie between Asgarnia/Kandarin/Misthalin along with also the RS gold continent, and resemble those areas more than the rest of the continent. I really don’t like how there are gnomes here, making no sense since they aren’t sailors, but I like the premise. Because of animosity towards the customs authority, individuals have begun to turn towards illegal smugglers and pirates to perform trading in their opinion. Quests could explore the battle between the two powers and you could choose to side with either one. The nearest actual life approximation I can think of is colonial Boston.

All areas of Runescape now represent some component of medieval Europe or the near east. That only leaves Mediterranean/Southern Europe, so it would be logical for its new continent to resemble Italy/Spain/Greece. I believe that you could integrate iron era concepts in to this. By way of instance, you may have two major cities that resemble Carthage and Rome (Carthage uses elephants, please). The two are not at war, but have been previously and are currently in the middle of a tense standoff. The road between them is highly guarded and you will be assaulted by tough foes if you attempt to travel along it. You might have either 1 city”good” and one city”bad” and have quests where your character fights for the good city or you might have them both on equal footing.

North of these two cities is a colder, wetter, and more mountainous area. The people who live here will resemble Celts and they’re looked down upon as savages by the southerners. They are somewhat like Fremenniks, but these individuals are hunter-gatherers and reside in much smaller settlements. They are also in conflict with one if the two cities to the southwest, which is attempting to expand into their territory. I think this could be a fantastic spot to have the raiding dungeons item, if that is what Jagex wants. I am not sure why this is being pushed on usin a recent survey solo directors got twice as much aid. I’m worried it is going to become an artisan type of situation, where Jagex retains polling it and players say no. I think what OSRS wants is a intricate solo boss, like the QBD of 2012. I state similar to the QBD since it initially existed in the old battle system which was quite basic, but also had mechanisms which were complex for the time. I am not saying the mechanisms ought to be the same, though maybe the dragon kiteshield would be a great drop.

The game itself isn’t interesting enough to buy rs gold paypal make me wish to play with, heck I’ve been so disinterested of matches in general I haven’t even bought Fallout 4 nonetheless.

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