New Resolution New Papua: Overcoming Inefficiency of Military Approaches through Enforcement of Special Autonomy in Papua

Maichle Delpiero , Illona Novira Elthania


Numerous cases of human rights violations have never been resolved, forcing Papuans to live in sorrow. The government continues to aggressively tighten its strategy in controlling Papuans through a military approach. However, it is very unfortunate that instead of bringing a solution, it tends to lead to deterioration. During 2020, there were 40 incidents of human rights violations, from shootings, torture, hostage-taking to arbitrary arrests. As a result, this incident resulted in at least 276 victims, either arrested, injured, or dead. The trigger for this incident was dominated by law enforcement officers who abused their power arbitrarily. On this basis, the writers consider the military approach used to be inefficient in handling several human rights cases in Papua, so a new approach is needed. Through juridical-normative research methods and supported by secondary data sources, this paper accommodates two new approaches, namely a cultural approach and a territorial approach. One form of manifestation of the territorial approach is by upholding the ideal special autonomy in the Papua region.

Keywords: Human Rights, Papua, Military Approaches, Special Autonomy

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